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Kickstarter COming

We are dropping the price to $49.99 and relaunching the Kickstarter

New Price is Here: $49.99

We've been working hard on finding ways to bring down the price of our Gauntlets and we are happy to announce that we are going to Slash the Price and Relaunch the Kickstarter

  • What are the new prices? $49.99, that’s even cheaper than the original earlybird prices.

  • Why are you relaunching? Two big reasons. The first is that we don't want to change the price after the kickstarter, that would be really unfair to all of our backers. Second, Kickstarter doesn't allow us to change the structure of the campaign after it starts, so we have to launch all over again with the new prices and structure.

  • Will the rewards be the same? They will be much much simpler. Also, instead of bundling entire gauntlets, we will bundle different covers with the same gauntlet to bring down the price of each reward even more.

  • What else will be new? We'll work on adding even more add-ons!!

  • Do I lose my VIP status? No, everyone with VIP status will keep their VIP status for bonus rewards.

  • When will the new Kickstarter be? Date will be announced soon.


Beautiful. Practical. Patent pending

Archvillain Gauntlets turn your 5e character sheets into works of art so you can feel connected with the most important thing on the table. Our patent pending design lets you use your character sheet in the same container that you store it in. With easy-access windows and a removable cover, your character sheet can help contribute to the feel of your game instead of taking away from it.


Designed for gaming

removable covers

Removable covers capture the spirit of the game while still showing stats, skills, hit points and common combat stats at a glance. The rest of your sheet stays private and beautiful.

designs for each class

Switch the cover for a new one when you want to roll with a different character class or theme. Each cover is professionally designed to represent the nuances of each class.

warrior Full HD1.jpg

Character sheet template

The front of the case is a character sheet template. Just drop in a blank sheet of paper or a standard character sheet and .the template on the front of the case transforms your character sheet into a functional and beautiful piece.

interior Dragon Full HD1.jpg

Built in spell sheet

The back of the Gauntlet hosts a spell sheet for tracking your characters spells. Change spell slots and memorized spells directly on the sheet through the windows.

cleric interior Full HD2.jpg
Interior Gauntlet Final.jpg

Crafting the Gauntlets

The Archvillains had to make a choice when they set forth to craft the Gauntlets. How gorgeous did they need to be? What expense should be spared in their creation? In the end, we consulted the mystic oracles of Naghalthuur and they proclaimed that the very concept of Character Sheet Gauntlets meant they had to be "super wicked" in order to absorb the souls of the multitudes and that if the Archvillains were to successfully overthrow the realms they would have to make them "mega fleek".

This led us down the path of creating the most "ridonculously awesome" gaming accessories that money could buy.

Real comments from mortal travelers in the Outer Planes of Social Media

Simply showing images of these powerful artifacts generated a condition known as "Squee" upon real mortals:

"Pretty sure that is the dopest thing ever"

"This is better than porn"

"holy sh** dude. This is awesome as f***"

"A swift progression from 'didn't know it existed' to 'need this yesterday'"

"Holy hell these are gorgeous"

"Just see my bank balance dwindling with each second of this video"

"babe, I'm about to have a nerdgasm"


Carved from the bones of a Balor Prince, the price of these artifacts was not paid in gold, but rather in the lives of the minions who sought to prove their worth to the Archvillains. These bones will be carefully cast in Resin or ABS depending on how many minions we are able to recruit during the Kickstarter (ABS for high volume manufacturing).


We flew the artifacts to the distant land of "Spain" to have one of the greatest artifact painters in the world create the sample from which all gauntlets would be made in the image of.

The power of the gauntlets is dependent on the quality of the painter's craft. One mistake in the careful preparation of the ornamentation could have disastrous results on their effectiveness as a spell focus. The master Gauntlets were painted by a master painter Sergio Calvo in Spain to serve as the template for future hand painted Gauntlets.

Dragon Illustration black fin.jpg

$40,000 Invested

We have poured our own blood, sweat and tears along with much of our victims' in order to bring the Gauntlets this close to the Prime Material Plane. Now, with your help, we will amass an army of loyal acolytes to bring this ancient power to the homes of the unwitting victims, that we might consume their souls and rule once again.

Screenshot 2018-08-03 at 9.12.27 PM.png

Provisional Patent Complete

After many long and arduous sessions with the ancient artificer known as "Lawyer", the Archvillains were able to master the spell "Patent". Hundreds of other castings of the spell were researched, and countless pages of seemingly nonsensical drivel was compounded into the correct sequence of letters that would result in the ultimate protection spell that would keep the souls entrapped in the wicked device for all eternity.

Design and Modeling

We scoured the underdark for the most skilled artificers and after many trials and challenges, only a few emerged worthy. We found our General and dubbed her "The Summoner" as she set forth with an army of Conjurers. They dueled long into the nights, sometimes they would emerge bloodied and disheartened, but back into the bowels of the underdark they would go to fight creatures in the darkness and mold their bones into the image of the dreams of the Archvillains


No expense was spared with the fabrication of the first of the unholy tablets. We used extremely high resolution summoning portals called "16 micron PolyJet 3D printers" to create the first Gauntlets that would serve as the demonstration of things to come.


Next Steps

on the journey to victory


The precious samples of evil were shipped to distant lands known as "France" since it seems to be one of the few places in this realm with real castles. The gauntlets were photographed in various locations that would help lure and attract the minds of their future victims.

This ancient ritual of "marketing" is so crucial to the process that if it is not executed perfectly, and with the most expensive spell components, then the number of Gauntlets that enter the Prime Material Plane may not be sufficient to draw power from the Abyss and the invasion will have failed.


The hoards of victims will not hand over their souls willingly. We must draw great resources to enchant them and draw them in with illusions so that they will succumb to the power of the dark magics we have imbued unto these devices.

Final Production Samples

Devilish "Content Marketers" loyal to our cause require Gauntlets for training and preparation for the coming rituals. This will ensure that enough mortal souls will be entranced by the ancient tablets that we can ensure a constant and steady supply of cursed items for the masses to consume.

Cost breakdown

Figurine Quality Manufacturing

There is another artifact in this realm which sets the standard for extreme beauty and quality demanded of our artificers. They call them "Collectible Figurines" and the tales of their creation strike fear into the hearts of many Industrial Manufacturers.

The Archvillains knew that in order to make something "totally freaking dope", they would have to bow their heads and pay homage to the ancient rituals of the Fig Casters in order to use the same high quality mould-making and fabrication methods used by the top Fig Casters.


Scenario 1

Reconnaissance Mission

The minimum funding goal for our kickstarter would not actually make money, but give us insights on how to plan yet another invasion.

75 units of hand cast resin

If we only garner enough support for a small invasion of the Prime Material Plane, we will bring only an elite force of 75 gauntlets. A limited edition of only 15 of each of the 5 original styles (Fighter, Rogue, Wizard, Cleric, and Dragon).

Total Losses: -$38,105
  • Design updates from prototypes - $1,500

  • High resolution 3D Printing - $4,450

  • Hand cast resin - $2,500

  • Painting, Packaging, Distribution - $1,100

  • Cost of a Reconnaissance Mission: $12,280

  • Total revenue from sales: $14,175

  • Margin: $1,895

  • Current investments: -$40,000

Gauntlet Lineup.jpg

Scenario 2

Strategic Assault

This scale of invasion would still lose money, but would prepare us for retail operations and we could begin a long term underground resistance.

250 units of hand cast resin

If we amass a small army, we can make a sizable dent in the enemy's defenses. The strategic assault uses the same manufacturing methods as Scenario 1, however with a bigger army the cost per unit comes down and grants us more power to invest in a sustained invasion.

Total Losses: -$35,500

The strategic assault would result in 250 Gauntlets being produced with two additional designs for a total of 7.

  • Design updates from prototypes - $1,500

  • High resolution 3D Printing - $5,750

  • Hand cast resin - $17,500

  • Painting, Packaging, Distribution - $18,000

  • Total costs for a Strategic Assault: $42,750

  • Total revenue from sales: $47,250

  • Margin: $4,500

  • Current investments: -$40,000

Dragon Illustration black fin.jpg

Scenario 3

Total Global Domination

1 Gajillion injection molded units

If we consume enough souls on our journey to the Prime Material Plane then we will be able to convince the manufacturing gods to supply us with the greatest weapons known to man: Injection Molds. These molds will require hand carving in raw adamantium with the worlds finest Dwarven masters into smooth surfaces with minuscule tolerances.

  • Manufacturing costs: Who cares.

  • Margin: Big

  • Total Profits: Insane

  • Outcome: Destruction of the Prime Material Plane

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The Tablet

(Character Template)

Grant me the measure of a man’s heart. Quantize the power of a woman’s might, and on these tablets I shall entomb the secrets of their soul.
Wizard interior Full HD1-1.jpg
Wizard interior Full HD1-1.jpg

Stats and skills

All of the information you need is revealed through the windows of the tablet. Designed and decorated to reveal the inner beauty of your character's true nature.

Wizard interior Full HD1-1.jpg

Snap on covers

Most of your sheet can lie hidden for most of the game. Keep your secrets safe and make your character come to life by snapping on a cover to the spine.

cleric interior Full HD2.jpg

Spell sheet on back

Every tablet has a spell sheet tablet on the back. Helpful for all the multiclassing the kids are doing these days.

Wizard interior Full HD1-1.jpg

Removable tray

The tray holds the character sheet and snaps into the tablet, blending with the template and the rest of the tablet.

Wizard interior Full HD1-1.jpg

Beautiful details

Bring your character to life with the touch of life and class that is worthy of your hero.

The Rogue's Cover

A whisper, a flicker, and then nothing. What deeds done in the shadows need not be known to the daylight, as no sword nor spell can repel a threat that is never known.
— Daragon the Night
assasin FullHD2.jpg
assasin FullHD1.jpg
assasin FullHD1.jpg

Tools of the trade

Lock picks and vials of poison make sure no one is safe in their sleep. 

assasin FullHD1.jpg

Finest flourishes

The finesse of the rogue extends to the accoutrements that are so rarely seen by anyone else.

assasin FullHD1.jpg

The Essential rogue

Loot must fit close to the body and every piece of clothing must be as sleek as the night itself. Any loose end could mean disaster. 

The wizard's Cover

To go through this world without tapping the weave is like viewing a painting with your eyes closed.
— Kharat'val of Isfaline
Wizard Full HD2.jpg

Tools of the trade

Potions and scrolls draw the power and the focus casts it into this world. 

Wizard Full HD1.jpg
Wizard Full HD1.jpg
Wizard Full HD1.jpg

The Wand is mightier than the Quill

A scribble on parchment becomes a delightful cluster of gemstones as magic winds its way through the ink. A scrying pool draws on runes to show the unseen.

Wizard Full HD1.jpg
Wizard Full HD1.jpg

The Cleric's cover

Who would choose to live as a mortal when they can drown themselves in the essence of godliness.
— Gharl, Grand Viceroy of The Hearthbreakers
cleric Full HD2.jpg

A window to the heavens

The pious see what the unbelievers deny. Rays of power from the Hidden Ones bless the sword of the brave and loyal.

cleric Full HD1.jpg

Protected by steel and spirit

Wings of iron and dutiful prayers keep the loyal and fervent in tune with the powers of heaven.

cleric Full HD1.jpg

Decorated with beauty worthy of the gods

Details that would be at home on the walls of a Sunite temple.

cleric Full HD1.jpg

The Fighter's Cover

I was born with a sword in my hand. I shall die with a sword in my heart.
— Marta of the Carrington Bridelands
warrior Full HD2.jpg
warrior Full HD1.jpg

My most trusted companion

Treat your sword well and it will always be there to cut down those who oppose you. 

warrior Full HD1.jpg

Graceful and noble

The short life of the sword is worthy of respect and dignity.

warrior Full HD1.jpg

Fortified windows

Defensible and well built. The Fighter's cover shows stats and information through reinforced portals.

warrior Full HD1.jpg

Buttressed with steel and hide

For my skin is not as thick as that of a Dire Wolf.

COMING SOON - The Dragon's Cover

Do not fear. The claims that they have a pet dragon are the baseless lies of a desperate and weary foe.
— Last words of Dillington the Brave
Dragon Illustration black fin.jpg

Unpainted Gauntlets

Below are high resolution 3d printed versions of our designs. Our final products will be made of similar material.

image (2).png

Minimum Goal: $30,000

Rewards include:

  • Painting Kits
  • Dragon Design
  • Fighter Design
  • Cleric Design
  • Wizard Design
  • Rogue Design

Unpainted Gauntlets

Painted Gauntlets